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Frozen Feeders Care


Pisces Enterprises is recognized as Australia’s leading supplier of quality Frozen Feeders.

Pisces Frozen Feeder Rodents Rabbits & Quails are much safer for your reptiles than live mice & rats. Any possibility of rodent bites which can fatally wound your expensive pets is eliminated. Unlike the “pet” mice & rats which are frequently fed to captive reptiles, our mice & rats are guaranteed free of mites, ticks and internal parasites, particularly Salmonella which can pose a threat to handlers of reptiles as well.


This guarantee can be made because Pisces rodents are bred in state of the art quarantine controlled laboratories by expert personnel. Pisces Japanese Quail, Coturnix Japonica, are raised onsite in a spotlessly clean and bird friendly environment. Only a nutritious organic formula is used for feeding and we ensure all our stock is healthy and free of added hormones or antibiotics.


Pisces Frozen Rabbits are exclusively supplied to us after being bred interstate in state of the art quarantine controlled laboratories by expert personnel. Pisces sells the most outstanding Rabbit variety - the New Zealand White.


Highly valued for their low fat, low cholesterol and high quality proteins. They are entirely white meat. Rabbit compares very favorably to chicken, turkey and some fish for its beneficial health virtues and its adaptability.


All our stud stock are disease and pathogen free giving you and your customers a complete peace of mind. Pisces Enterprises take the welfare of our animals very seriously and guarantee all stock is humanely and safely culled.


How to feed
They should be defrosted to body temperature prior to feeding, and are then readily accepted by most snakes, carnivorous lizards and large birds. If defrosting in a Microwave, care should be taken that no 'hotspots' are present in the feeder as this may cause internal burning of your prized animal after it has swallowed the feeder. The same advice will apply to any 'frozen spots' of the feeder that may not have completely thawed.
Pisces Rodents, Rabbits & Quails can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months.
Mice Sizes
Mice are available in six sizes
  • Pinkies:(not furred)
  • Fuzzies:(slight fuzz)
  • Hoppers:(third grown)
  • Weanlings:(half grown)
  • Adults:(full grown)
  • XL Adults:(Larger full grown mice)
Rat Sizes
Rats are available in nine sizes
  • Pinkies:(not furred)
  • Fuzzies:(slight fuzz)
  • Hoppers:(thrid grown)
  • Weanlings:(half grown)
  • Sub Adults:(2 thirds grown)
  • Adults:(full grown - sold in 4 sizes)
Rabbit Sizes
Rabbits are available in four sizes
  • Small Under 300g
  • Medium 350-500g
  • Large 500-700g
  • Extra Large 700-800g
Quail Sizes
Quails are available in six sizes
  • One day old
  • One week old
  • Two weeks old
  • Three weeks old
  • Adults
  • XL Adults

Available in small retail sized packs and bulk packs

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