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Freight & Packaging

With over 45 years experience delivering goods Australia wide, Pisces Enterprises has developed the most extensive, fastest, and cost effective delivery network of any aquarium plant and live food supplier in Australia.

Our partnership with the country's leading freight distribution server, Qantas Freight, guarantees overnight delivery to approximately 90% of all destinations anywhere in Australia. All other rural and remote destinations will receive their order within 48 hours of despatch.

Pisces Enterprises has guaranteed space on over 300 domestic flights daily both on commercial airlines and on regular freight plane lines thus ensuring your goods arrive fresh and on time, ready for sale when you need them.

Secure Shipping

At Pisces Enterprises we take pride not only in producing the finest aquarium plants and live food in Australia, but also in ensuring your goods get to you in the same mint condition they left us in.

We only ship in brand new quality marked boxes. All plants are well packed in hermetically sealed plastic bags to ensure extremely high humidity. Driftwood creations are tightly packed in an internal box to protect delicate leaves and live aquarium snails are sent in strong fish bags filled with oxygen to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Live aquarium food such as Blackworms are packed with special non-drip ice inside silver flexible esky bags and all Frozen Feeders are shipped in rigid eskies with ice and then sealed in an outer box.

Eye Catching Packaging

Once your goods get to you safely you will find we have invested a lot in our packaging to help sell your new stock. All insect tubs have bright informative packaging offering your customers use and storage advice.

Bar Codes

On top of that, all our live food products are Barcoded to help with ease of sale in a busy store. We are one of the only companies in the world to offer that service.

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